Thursday, 18 October 2007

Real life cartoons

This sort of thing happens every day in German supermarkets. "Do you need anything from the shop?" is almost always answered with "toilet paper and X", with X being milk, eggs, cigarettes or beer.

I should point out that it was actually drawn by one of my bodyguards, Suzanne. (You might need to click on it to actually see what it says)

Many years ago, I worked in an office which employed a very small person. Not a dwarf or midget, but someone who, in a photo, would look average-sized, but in real life, she was very very small. Whenever she spoke, you´d find yourself nodding in agreement while thinking to yourself "but you´re just so small".

Anyway, imagine if you had a whole office full of people like that. You could get some half size chairs, coffee mugs and computers, and set them all to work. When a client came to visit the office, you could pretend that he had doubled in size, for a joke. It would be fantastic. If anyone ever gets on one of those TV programs when the best idea wins a million pounds, suggest this one.

"If you take his name literally, Bin laden actually means ´full up wastepaper basket´which makes him seem much less scary" - letter in Viz magazine, issue 169