Thursday, 17 September 2009

Mind your business

I noticed 2 funny things today.

The first isn't funny though. Anyway, when the BBC's "news" website happens to have 2 versions of the same story (yesterday it was about the world's tallest man, today it is "Obama shelves Europe missile plan"), both versions appear in the top 5 most read stories.

Why? Because people want to see if the BBC has censored anything. God knows what they would want to cover up about the 8 feet tall Turk.

The other thing...

I watched The Fellowship of the Ring earlier, but with German audio and English subtitles (that's my "German lesson"). Someone must have been having a laugh, because the subtitles turned Galdalf into a pot head.

First, he's smoking his pipe with Frodo, and he says "this is fantastic weed". Then later on, during his first meeting with Saruman, the elder wizard remarks:

"All that Hobbit weed has dulled your senses".

Saruman beats the shit out of Gandalf the next time they meet as a punishment.

Monday, 14 September 2009

German TV = stupid

I accidentally watched German television the other day. It is truly awful - worse than English TV by a huge margin.

However, I found something rather amusing - the logos in the corner of the screen (yes, I was watching the logos rather than the desperate tattooed youths that were chronicled continuously).

Above are the logos for RTL 2 and Kabel 1.

See anything odd?

RTL 2 has a Hitler moustache for a logo. It cannot possibly mean anything else.

Not to be outdone, Kabel 1 has opted for an erect Jew's penis.

I have asked both companies for an explanation, and they blamed each other for making the "first move".