Thursday, 17 September 2009

Mind your business

I noticed 2 funny things today.

The first isn't funny though. Anyway, when the BBC's "news" website happens to have 2 versions of the same story (yesterday it was about the world's tallest man, today it is "Obama shelves Europe missile plan"), both versions appear in the top 5 most read stories.

Why? Because people want to see if the BBC has censored anything. God knows what they would want to cover up about the 8 feet tall Turk.

The other thing...

I watched The Fellowship of the Ring earlier, but with German audio and English subtitles (that's my "German lesson"). Someone must have been having a laugh, because the subtitles turned Galdalf into a pot head.

First, he's smoking his pipe with Frodo, and he says "this is fantastic weed". Then later on, during his first meeting with Saruman, the elder wizard remarks:

"All that Hobbit weed has dulled your senses".

Saruman beats the shit out of Gandalf the next time they meet as a punishment.


Anonymous said...

Another profound post by another profound writer of great wit. I will look forward to when I get to ban blogs and blogging. Long live the StalinMao Alliance of free thinkers.

Anonymous said...

Actually there is a reference to the halflings weed dulling gandalf's senses in the film in English, and er, the book. You just haven't been paying attention. Most likely because you were smoking it yourself.

Eugenics is not science said...

my new website. Haha.

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