Sunday, 12 December 2010

Book for sale! Finally.

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It is finally here...The Con - Scuba Diving in the Sea of Disinformation can now (12 March 2008) can be bought from...

1 This website
2 The gay bakers down the road
3 Smoking Man, who runs the wine shop
4 Any of about 10 people I have given free copies to. You could probably buy one of them on the cheap, if you do not mind peeling the dried tears of laughter and sorrow from the pages.

EDIT - 13 March

One of my many brothers just called - madly, Amazon started selling my book yesterday. Wow! Fast. They even know how many pages it is - a number that I deliberately kept secret, for reasons best known to myself. I sent a copy to the British Library - which is a legal requirement (inside, I wrote "enjoy your free book, you tight fisted bastards") and registered it with the ISBN people, so they probably got info from one of those places. Still, pretty good going for Amazon, who are one of the world's better companies.

Anyway, it is 12 Pounds, or 15 Euros, including postage and packing. I'm going to try those paypal button things here. Send me an email at for more info.

That's for the UK

and that is for the rest of Europe, apart from Switzerland, for some reason. The US dollar is worth nothing right now, so I'm not putting it up in dollars just yet.
(I have to write something in here, because blogger is shite and keeps deleting the empty lines I put in. Amazingly, it is still doing it. What is wrong with this software? Blogger can piss off)
Finally, here is one for Germany - a bit cheaper as the postage is only E1.50 (E12.50 in total)

For those of you with weak minds, here is a reminder of the chapter titles:

Foot in Mouth Disease
Religion – The Original Con
Darwinian Evolution – Religion for Atheists
Education – Another Brick in the Wall
The Destruction of Culture – Mozart Spins in his Grave
Hollywood History Lessons
Real History Lessons
Biological Warfare at Home
Blackmailing the Rulers of the World
Disinformation, Crisis Management and the Super Bizarre
Puppeteers and the Art of Misdirection
Conjecture, Opinion and other such Wank