Thursday, 29 May 2008

Wikipedia - rubbish but funny

Wikipedia is rubbish, as everyone knows.

However, some pages are worth a look.

That's their best one, and it preserves the antics of the heroic wikipedia vandals "forever". Here are some highlights, reproduced word for word.

Dyslexia - Vandalized daily, multiple anon edits, usually with deletions, obscenities, deliberate scrambling of text, or insertion of jokes

Falkland Islands - An anon editing under various addresses repeatedly removes "Malvinas" from the first line against consensus, claiming that consensus doesn't matter.

Oklahoma Christian University - Vandalized a lot given nondescript nature of the school. Students there vandalize page, employees there revert it.

List of transgendered people - An anonymous AOL editor from VA persistently removing or hiding three "Catholic" entries on the list for months.

Iain Lee - One or more users spending all day everyday for the past few weeks adding bad jokes and personal attacks.

Taiwan - Anonymous vandal with ever changing ip addresses who turns this into an article on the Republic of China.

Rove McManus - Vandalised regularly by anons who insert quotes around the word 'comedian'.