Sunday, 28 September 2008

Horse Hair

2 video I made whilst drunk. Watch them before the morning demon attacks.


Lee Harvey Oswald said...

Almost as impressive as seeing a horse with a trombone stuck up its arse, playing the national anthem.

I downloaded the videos and will be sure to send them on to the music police. There has been a rising rate of attacks on innocent musical instruments of late. Maybe you are one of the perpetrators.

Jehovah's Witness said...

The previous poster is not the man who killed JFK.

It was Bananaman.

Good videos. You need more light though. Why don't you do some podcasts?

Mr Galloway said...

There is only one George Galloway. Check this interview out. He is cool.

Flanders and Swann said...

I'm with Lee Harvey Oswald. I'd rather see a horse with a trombone stuck up its arse, though I might balk at the national anthem. Unless of course its Deutchland Uber Alles.

$$$ Dave $$$ said...

What an uncivilised bunch of morons we have here. I hope you learn to argue eloquently. Check out my website.