Thursday, 27 November 2008

Spectre Returns

Fearless anti war activist Ryan Dawson appears to have dug up some information about a spy ring operating at the top levels of government.

For a long time many have wondered who was Mega? Who was the super spy with all the dirt on the Clintons and other members of government. Well Mega was never a man it's a group.

You want names I got'em. If there is one thing I can't stand in the truth movement is vague groups with no names.

Mega is not a super spy per se it's not an individual it's a group and the mega group is in charge of the politicians they handle. Mega is a group of Jewish billionaires. Referring to "Mega" just means the guy we have on so and so. This group finances politicians and owns much of the press, they set up honey traps and once compromised, they back the politician who they can ruin any time they choose.

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I'm in London for Christmas. If anyone wants to buy my book, I'll buy them a drink in return.


Anonymous said...

If you buy them a drink, you will be lucky to have some pennies left. Do you know how much a beer is in the pub nowadays?

Anonymous said...

I got names, I got games, I got whatever you want, just as long as you don't look at the greater conspiracy. By the way, anyone who believes in silly conspiracy theories needs to get their head checked out. I think Ghandi was the cause of today's crisis.

The last man in ad sales said...

Loving the comment about buying a book and getting a drink.

Given london bar pricess this means you won't be buying anyone a drink. Which, frankly, is nothing new.

Anonymous said...

It was Israel. It must be them, because this is the conclusion of the alternative media. Shame they and Ryan Dawson understand nothing about how things actually work. Israel is a finger on a much bigger arm of a huge slime-mold. The people constituting this slime-mold are not your average Mossad agents. Mossad are but the toe-nail clippings from the foot of this parasite.