Sunday, 2 January 2011

Ray Peacock's Blunkett Rant

Ray Peacock is a pretty good comedian. This is a transcript of a rant he had at the end of his set from a 2005 “Edinburgh and Beyond” show. It isn’t on Youtube, and I don’t know how to transfer it from Murdoch’s Shitbox to the internet.

…Terrible people…they’re as much use as…David Blunkett’s Gameboy.

(Some laughs)

Fuck off, don’t have a knee jerk reaction to that! “He’s blind…”, fuck that, he’s a cunt. You can be disabled and be a nasty piece of work, and he’s fucking one of them. And I know they’ll cut this out but I don’t give a shit. I’m not even doing the telly thing any more, I’m having a rant.

Beware…seriously…mind Blunkett. Don’t think it’s Blair, it’s not fucking Blair, Blair’s just stupid. Blunkett’s the nasty one and I knew he’d be back after the election. Don’t fucking…Beware Blunkett! I’m going to have T-shirts hade of that on…he won’t see ‘em…

(moans, laughter and applause…)

It’s nasty…no honestly though, I’m serious…(gestures backstage) I’m going to take just a moment to say this…(back to stage)…this is like a rally!…that thing, and they’re trying to push it through as well again, this law that he came up with, he wanted to be able to arrest and imprison…anyone…he thought was a terrorist. Indefinitely. No proof! Anyone at all he thought was a terrorist. With the greatest respect David, you’re not the person to be pinpointing what is and isn’t a terrorist. What are you going to do, fucking smell ‘em?

It’s hidden racism, that’s all it is, and don’t be fooled by it.

Blunkett doing that…(sniffs)…”that’s curry that, well get ‘im in jail, get ‘im in jail!”

He’s not even blind.


That’s my personal opinion. I believe that you know. He’s not blind, Blunkett. I’ve no facts to back that up with.

It’s just pure evil. All that with he’s eyes? (Does convincing impression of Blunkett’s sockets) That’s ‘cos he’s got fucking Voldemort on the back of he’s head, that is. I’m sorry for saying that name out loud but I’m angry…


Nott Ewe said...

I'm confused......

Alan Osler said...

yes, sorry about that. I told someone I'd put it online. The good news is that the UK gov has just overturned much of Blunkett's disgusting laws.

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