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Dispatch from an anti Lyndon LaRouche meeting

NOTE - this is has not been proof read, and I normally make things slightly funnier by using bold and italics. But I do not have time, as I told someone it would go up tonight. I'll change all the crap later.

Dispatch from an anti Lyndon LaRouche meeting

Yesterday, I decided to be a real journalist, and went to a meeting in Berlin named Is the LAROUCHE GROUP A DANGER TO SOCIETY? (sic).

Here’s a bit of background. Lyndon LaRouche is an American conspiracy theorist who claims that “British Interests” led by Her Majesty the Queen of England, are responsible for absolutely every crime that has ever been committed. For example, “Dope Inc.” blames “the British” for international drug trafficking. The brilliantly titled “The Coming Fall of the House of Windsor” accuses the World Wildlife Fund (or perhaps the World Wrestling Federation) of genocide in Africa.

Some of Larouche’s work has merit – he writes well about the economy, and predicted the crash that we are seeing now accurately several years ago. He also knows a thing or two about classical culture.

Nevertheless – most of the time, Mr LaRouche is an entertaining conspiracy theorist in the mould of David Icke. Or perhaps that should be the other way round – currently, at 140, Lyndon LaRouche is the oldest man in America.

Anyway, a few years ago, a member of the LaRouche Youth Movement (LYM), Jeremiah Duggan, was killed in a road accident in Germany. While Larouche himself was no doubt blaming the Duke of Edinburgh for this tragedy, another group appeared to be developing a theory of their own – that Mr Duggan was beaten to death (“not by LaRouche – I don’t want to get sued”) because he was Jewish. Also, “not completely shit” MP Simon Hughes was due to speak.

So here are my notes from this 3 hour meeting. Be warned – I was trying to be funny, and at many points I got bored and perhaps stepped over the line in a desperate attempt to amuse myself. They are also completely unedited, apart from the usual spelling errors. And I was still suffering from two bottles of delicious Spanish wine that I have been drinking a mere hours earlier.

(Chip Berlet is an American author who has written several books calling LaRouche names. Simon Hughes is a Liberal Democrat MP. I didn’t know the others, so I describe then “virginally”)

* * * * *

It’s about to start. I’m in row two, right in front of Chip Berlet. He is huge, and is sitting with his legs wide apart. It looks uncomfortable, and his “penis bulge” is clearly visible under the table for all to see.
Dr. Matthew Feldman looks about 12 years old. Hans-Christian Stoebele looks like Professor Wormstrong, Hubert Farnsworth’s enemy in Futurama. He is still wearing his scarf. The man in the middle is wearing a leather beret and looks like Leon, that mad assassin played by that French guy who can’t shave. I can’t see his name.
Dr Rainer Fromm appears to be the moderator, and has a speech impediment which will distract me for the duration of this event.
Fromm is talking about conspiracy theories, ignoring the fact that he is spinning one himself. The literature I have suggests that Jeremiah Duggan was killed because he was Jewish. Why doesn’t LaRouche beat up Jeff Steinberg, his right hand man? And Jeff’s wife. And all the other Jews he employs? Let’s hope that this isn’t their “motive”.
While I was writing, Stroebele was rambling about some court case he has looming. Shit – that sounded interesting, he has a chip on his shoulder about something.
“Dr” Feldman is reading a load of old quotes (that I have heard before). Sit up straight boy!
He has a friend (edit – I don’t know who this “he” is) who is a psychiatrist. Somehow, she convinced him that LaRouche is guilty of murder. This is quite surreal, as I am writing, listening and also thinking about what to have for dinner later, all at the same times. And it is a strange event to begin with.
“I’m not a lawyer, I’m not a physician, but I have my common sense” said one of the German panellists. Holy shit.
Meanwhile, Dr. Rainer Fromm – who is not an attractive man – is nodding annoyingly every two or three seconds. Staring at the speaker, nodding in his face so he can see. Leather Beret is telling us his lack of policing skills now. Normally when a sentence begins “well, I’m not a plumber/doctor/lawyer…” you know that you can simply stop listening. They guys keep saying this new “buzzphrase” like it is supposed to impress us.
Where are the experts?

Oh yes, there are secret service types here. Two or three. Simon Hughes MP has not turned up, but they left his nametag on the table until 1.59pm. There is one semi-proffesional camera set up, one large mixing desk, expensive headsets, two languages, English and German, tea, coffee, black bread with cheese and ham. Probably eighty people, perhaps one hundred. The room is full. I asked one of the drones working here is she knew who had paid for this – she didn’t know.
Chip Berlet is talking about anti-Semitism. He is seemingly unaware that the most widely spoken Semitic language (half a billion speakers?) is Arabic. Perhaps I’ll send him my book. The word “anti-Semitic” is one of the worlds most common and annoying misnomers. Chip just got it right – he said “Judeophobia”, or something similar. I wonder if this will catch on?

Chip is holding up one of LaRouche’s more entertaining magazines, the “Children of Satan” special. I have read it – it is interesting, but, well, “Anti British”. Chip says it is “antismitic”, and points to a picture of Dick Cheney (who isn’t Jewish – or even Arabic).

I’ve just glanced at a green photocopied handout by “Ada Waterford”. She spells Dick Cheney as “”Dick Cheyney”. She has just lost all my trust.

Chip Berlet is now quoting from the Encyclopedia Judaica. Amazingly – it was an entry which he himself wrote – and he is using it as “evidence” to back up his own theory that LaRouche is anti-Semitic. Fantastic! Alan Osler is God. I saw it on a website, so it must be true. My website.

But no one laughed. I did, but I changed it into a cough when I realised that he was being serious.

Everyone is saying LaRouche is anti Semitic, even though LaRouche blames the British for everything, including stuff that everyone else blames on Israel. The Simpsons and Futurama take the piss out of LaRouche because he is an oddball. These people here are as bad as the old man.
“…individuals who have been in their clutches…”
I don’t know the context, because I was writing out that other stuff. I like the cut of her jib though.
They want the group banned. That’s what this is about, but no one can agree on why. What happened to the murder accusations? Get back to that please. This is nonsense.
The panellists do not appear to know much about this case, and their specialist areas to not seem to overlap. In 5 minutes, we will all be sitting in silence.

I wish anti LaRouche writer Dennis King was here, because I just thought of a joke. Here it is anyway.
In the land of the blind, the one eyed Dennis King.
Hans is telling us to use “international pressure”. Who’s he talking to? The hippies, the kids smoking outside or that guy who’s eying up the mixing desk?
“Dr.” Feldman – Feldboy, more like – thinks he is a political scientist. Bless. He is talking about links between LaRouche and Willis Carto. Fuck me! I have learnt something. One fact an hour. But now he is quoting something LaRouche wrote about the evils of facism, and twisting it somewhat. Behave, Matthew.
Fromm is still nodding, like one of those plastic dogs that insane people put in their cars.

Dr. Rainer Fromm looks like the TV Chef Anthony Worrell Thompson. Yes – he looks like that.
And he is still nodding. What next? Is he going to get a vacuum cleaner out, start singing “American Pie” and perhaps take a shit for the camera? He is irritating.

“Dr.” Feldboy is talking about brainwashing, like they do on those youtube videos made by people with credit problems.

Fromm is talking and a can’t concentrate. “And pop that in the oven, bake for twenty minutes”. He has orange hair. And he even nods when he himself is talking.

An ex member now – a woman who look about 45 years old. She said she was a member during her “German A levels”, which must have been some point during the American civil war. She has written a book. Case closed!

Berlet’s bulge is still here. Just so you know.

(edit - at this point I started drawing pictures of the speakers. One had a speech bubble that said “I’m a twat!”, but then I saw that the woman sitting next to me was watching, so I turned over the page.)

Ex member just said something like “people can believe what they like. I believe that we should ban this group”. Ho ho! But it wasn’t a joke.

Another ex member – this is The Big One. Molly Kronberg (Jewish again - actually, the only member of the LaRouche’s organisation who isn’t jewish is Lyndon himself. That’s why he hates them.).
Molly was a member for…..argh! 1973 – 2004! Good God, is she fucking slow or what?

“I spent 31 years beating my hands and feet with hammers. It hurt. After 31 year, I decided to rethink my life, and stop beating my hands and feet with hammers. I want to warn others about the dangers of beating your hands and feet with hammers”
She is complaining about “vicious brainwashing techniques” which she used for more than 30 years. This is like a poorly written comedy. Where’s the punchline?
She just said that LaRouche was responsible for her husband’s suicide 18 months ago, unaware of how oxmoronic she is being.
“I have proof. It is in print”.

I want to say “well, where is it then? Did the dog eat it?”

She has, for reasons best known to herself, decided not to share her “proof”. No one thinks this is strange. More conspiracy theories with no evidence.

“Dr” Feldboy is nodding this time. Kill me now.

Another ex member, Eve Messer from French. He was a member from 1983 to 1994. He is also Jewish.

“LaRouche is a bastard!”

At last, a laugh everyone can share! And they do. Because it’s witty. “Bastard!” Imagine the laugh he would have got if he had said “LaRouche is a cunt!”

They explain that LaRouche uses codewords like “The British”, “British interests” and other oddities to hide his anti jewish sentiment.

Case closed, we may as well pack up and go home. People want to ban the Bible because of perceived anti-Semitism (I just want it moved to the “Fiction” section). These people are every bit as “extreme” as LaRouche.

“Nazis without swastikas”.

Everyone nods and murmurs in agreement.

Dr. Feldboy is reading more quotes, to fill out the time apparently.

An expert on Scientology is now talking, but all she is doing is reading one of the leaflets I picked up on the way in. There is a piano in the corner and I want to play Beethoven’s 32 sonata in Cm. Will they mind?

She is talking about LaRouche’s scaremongering about something called a “financial crash” – the weird LaRouchian idea that banks would run out of cash due to gambling on the sub prime market.

Does she not read the news? This is, again, unintentional humour – like one of those satires on Channel 4 that takes a while to understand because there is no laughter track.

There is an episode of the TV series “Sliders” where the characters end up in a parallel universe and the Soviets had won the cold war. The US was a fascist dictatorship – run by guess who? President LaRouche! I think it was the pilot episode. Poor old guy. And “Helga” – LaRouche’s wife – is the most popular name for a witch in England.

So based on that, yeah, let’s ban him. My evidence is as good as theirs.

I think Chip Berlet only came over to try and sell his books.

“The LYM in Germany has 80 members”

Did I hear that right? Christ, there are more people in this room. That can’t be right.

“Telephone Terror”

She is still reading from the sheet. It is all sound bites, no substance.

She is still reading, but get this bit. She just said – and I kid you not…that the LYM produces “robots who read pre prepared material”.

Like you then? Or like every school in the world? Again, no one laughs. I forgot my cigarettes, and I’m looking around for the most likely person to borrow one from. Hippy girl in the corner, reading a magazine. I bet she smokes.

The floor will be open for questions soon. I want to ask “is there anyone in this room who is not a cunt?” but I won’t. They took my name when I collected the headphones.

Jeremiah’s father is now talking. While I feel sorry for his loss, it doesn’t change the fact that he is a conspiracy theorist. His wife blames herself, because she miss spelt “Larouche” when she looked it up on the internet (I also miss spelt Larouch on google – this morning, actually, and google simply corrected it for me.) This does not seem like a good enough reason to blame yourself for what looks like a simple road accident.
Mr Duggan said that Jeremiah was killed, but he can’t say publicly that LaRouche killed him because he doesn’t want to get sued. So he will simply imply it.

He recounts the night of his son’s death – and I’m getting a bit confused here. There was blood on the passport, but that was taken from his room and not his body? No one has actually done an effective job of explaining the inconsistencies of the case so far – none of the panellists have any knowledge of the event, and one wonders what their interest is in the event – it is strange that this task is left to the father, who is clearly emotional. Anyway, he has been, so far, the most informative person at this conference. Apparently, he went to the Tavistock centre during his divorce (once) – a group which is part of LaRouche’s conspiracy theory. It is at this stage that the conspiracy theories collide, and things get confusing. I haven’t got the time to write now about this though.

Mr Duggan said “there is no evidence that he was run over” – essentially accusing the German police of obstruction of justice (of whatever the proper terminology is). He is accusing…someone, I’m not sure who…of interfering with the evidence. Again – interesting, but while he is keeping his proof to himself (like everyone else) it is not a theory that people with invest any belief into without real evidence.

Chip Berlet is wearing huge shoes. At first, I thought he was wearing two of those clogs made for people with one leg longer than the other. But they are just massive.

Dr. Fromm has just told everyone that he is “unfamiliar” with the case. I might stick my hand up and say that I too am unfamiliar with the case. Everyone can join in.

Now Hans is “speculating” on the case. What a waste of time.

The security guards have those transparent curly wires coming out of their ears like Bush’s henchmen.

Hans just said “we have cult officers”. I think he said that, anyway. He also said “Not banning LaRouche is a threat to democracy”. Perhaps I should remind him that we do not live in a democracy. England is a parliamentary monarchy; the US is a constitutional republic, etc. A good example of a democracy would a lynch mob. “Democracy” literally means “mob rule”.

But no – Hans would not understand.

Wait! Hans just said something about running as a Green Party politician. He’s here for publicity! Well, it makes sense. I can’t think of any other reason this dull man bothered to show up. He’s including the Anti LaRouche stuff in part of his campaign. Now things are clearer.

The man in front of me (in “reserved seating”) looks like a bald James Bond. I’m trying, unsuccessfully, to read his notes.

My mind is wandering now, so I’m just looking at all the misfits here. There are some odd looking people, with a few exceptions. “Dr” Matthew Feldman has film star looks. Baldy James Bond has an air to him. However, most of the women are either deeply unattractive (the ones taking part) or just normal (the caterers). Many people have “frown lines” – signs of unhappy lives.

Perhaps I’ll send them this report to cheer them up.

Leather Beret has just backtracked after reading a letter from LaRouche’s solicitor…

“I am not claiming that the LaRouche organisation is responsible for Jeremiah Duggan’s death”.

What? Perhaps the translator is a secret LaRouche employee, and he said something else. Translators – they are the ones with the real power.


The bald James Bond man is Simon Hughes MP!

It is coffee break, and I’m writing down the names of people sitting at the table. Leather Beret is Raeberhand Shultz. They look at me like I’m scum of the earth. Not really.

During the break, I chatted to Dr. Matthew Feldman. Charming chap. I might email this onto him. I also chatted to Simon Hughes MP and asked him if he was planning on failing any elections in the near future (he has failed 2 leadership contests and one for mayor.) Mr Hughes is also a delightful man, and was quite amusing. We spoke briefly about his collegue Norman Baker’s investigation into the death of Dr David Kelly (that’s a real conspiracy, not a theory) and some other stuff. I wanted to be really rude about these people, but they are not bastards (not like LaRocuhe!). Perhaps I’ll feel a little guilty about being rude earlier. Or perhaps not.

Part 2

Nice coffee, but it ran out very quickly. Anyway, Simon Hughes is now on the panel, and the cameras are rolling again.
Mr Hughes studied law, and has been a politician for 25 years. (I like him because he spoke to me).
“I have, in the past, taken an interest in sex”
Actually, he said “sects” - that’s a joke for people who read political scandal mags like The Times and The Telegraph.

Hughes is, as to be expected, a good speaker. But again we have the problem – he doesn’t know anything about this case. He just mentioned the conversation that we had 15 minutes ago - he can think on the spot, which is why he’s a half ranking member of the third most important party in the British political system.

People just seem to be “doing the stokes” now. There is a French woman who has a very thick accent. She pronounces the word “cult” as “cunt” – every single time. I’m the only one laughing at this, although I think I saw Simon Hughes MP stifle a giggle.

She said that LaRouche has run – twice – for President of the United States of America.

Actually, I think he has run six times – but the speakers here do not seem to want to concern themselves with things like “facts”. It’s either 5, 6 or 7 times. I can’t remember, but it is more than twice.

She also says “gooder” and “wooder” instead of “good” and “would” – that’s how French she is.

Larouche doesn’t pay the dental bills of his members! That’s this woman’s central argument. I laugh again, and quickly look over my shoulder and under the chair, fooling everyone into thinking it was someone else.

Rainer Fromm is repeating what he said earlier – but it is in a slightly different order.

Oh yes, Simon Hughes told me earlier that he thinks the family paid for the event. But he doesn’t know. Those last two sentences are a microcosm of this whole event.

Chip Berlet has got bored, and has taken out his camera. He is pointing it right at me! I smiled. He just kept filming.

Molly, the insane woman who spoke earlier, said she was “psychologically attacked” for having children. This is a new one – perhaps it is the last remaining demographic to appeal to. Evidence? Examples?

“you get up early, you give up sleeping, you will work round the clock”.

I’m too tired and bored to pick holes in that bit on inanity. This is not evidence. Anyway, if you went without sleep for more than 18 days, call Professor Jim Horne at Loughborough University. He will kick you out of course – when you tell him that, as well as not sleeping, you “get up early”.

The French ex Larouche man, Yves Messer, looks exactly like Jack Straw. “Codewords” is all he goes on about.

Now, someone from a pressure group called “Attack” – again, I thought this was funny, but was alone. She is so boring, that I thought I’d write the best names of people who have been employed by the British Secret Service.

Sir John Scarlett. What a name!

Sir Richard Dearlove. Not bad – a bit gay though.

Dame Stella Rimmington. She should marry John Scareltt and have a child called Marshal. Marshal Scarlett-Rimmington. He’d rock.

Berlet made a joke.
“I wouldn’t let LaRouche run a dog kennel!”

People actually laughed at this desperate attempt, while overlooking genuine comic moments. I saw him eating cakes during the break (I have no evidence for this, but I really, really, believe it).

The people speaking now are just repeating the same tired claims – without evidence, of course – that were made earlier. “Ban them” is said several times.

5.10p.m. some guy is ranting and frothing like a lunatic – Chip Berlet calmly said “what’s the question?” which made me laugh out loud. A few other people must have heard me and though “are we supposed to laugh? OK” because I wasn’t alone this time.

Although if Chip has instead said “What on earth am I doing here?, he’s have brought the house down.

Now a member of the protestant religious cult is taking about…religious cults. Jesus wept.

(edit – I rant on about the woman from “Attack” here, with a detailed physical description and other unpleasantness. She was shouting in my ear, and for a spilt second, I hated her with every fibre in my body. It’s best that I remove it)

I just went to the tiny toilets here (still wearing headphones) and all I could think was “Chip Berlet will never fit in here”

Some twat is now having a go at JS Bach and classical culture. Just some weirdo sitting behind me, who wanted to speak for 5 minutes about precisely nothing.

Berlet just said “Hey, I like Bach!”, which I take to mean that he doesn’t like Bach.

Some more wild accusations before we go – Molly said Helga LaRouche “might” have connections to "China", whoever that is. Molly worked with Helga every day for 31 years WITHOUT ANY SLEEP. But she doesn’t know. Evidence? Helga got a press pass.

More photos. Someone next to me asked not to be photographed just then.

Final comments from the panel…and this is really fitting…

“What we have learnt here today,” says Fromm “is that there is a huge deficit of information here”


Copyright Alan Osler 2008 – email me if you want to reproduce any of this.


C.U.N.T.S. said...

And this fascist conference was another desperate attempt at slandering LaRouche. That british MP is a cunt. Everyone should call his office and call him a cunt.
On these other gutter-dwelling creatures I need not say a word, except to remind those who read this that these people will be remembered in history as total cunts, if history bothers to waste its time with them.

Anonymous said...


Actually, Hughes was a decent chap, he just didn't understand what was going on. I sent him this post (sent it to Dr Feldman too)


Roland said...

I'd have to say I learned very little from your report other than the suggestions that

a) you can't write without descending into cheap profanities


b) you know very little about Lyndon LaRouche.

Yes, the group has a number of Jewish members, which at first glance would tend to scupper the claims of Berlet, King, et al, that the organisation is antisemitic. But historically the story is far more complex. The Labor Committees did not begin life on the far-right, but the far-left and LaRouche recruited many Jewish students to the group. As he first flirted then embraced antisemitism throughout the 1970s (and this is all documented, such as his endorsement of the notorious anti-Jewish forgery, the Protocols of Zion), many of those Jewish members abandoned him. That some didn't tells more about the cult-like loyalty maintained within the group than whether or not hanging out with Willis Carto constitutes antisemitism.

Your description of Molly Kronberg as 'insane' is also deeply unpleasant.

Next time you choose a function to test your journalism skills, I's advise you to stick to something you can grasp more easily, such as a dog show or perhaps a church fete.

Anonymous said...

I was at the conference in Berlin and your so-called "journalism" work is crap, focusing more on how people look like than what they really said. It was in no way a "conspiracy theory" about Larouche but testimonies from people who know him (unlike you). You didn't do your basic research (for example Molly Kronberg is not Jewish but her husband who committed suicide because of Larouche, was). You omitted the fact Yves Messer is Jewish and as an ex Jewish larouchie testified that Larouche spreads antisemitism in such a clever way that even Jews like him could be fooled (or like Jeffrey Steinberg). Maybe you were bored but most of the 100 persons who attended that conference stayed until the end asking many questions. Again your obsession on how people look like more than what they really said indicates you have no ability to report the facts and information as a real journalist would and when you don't like what s being said you prefer to describe their "poor look" and misquote them.
Your "journalism" is such a low standard that the only press agency I think of, that could employ you, is LaRouche's.

Alan Osler said...

ho ho.

While researching my book, I read 200 EIRs and 5 books by the LaRouche group.

Very, VERY, anti British. Antisemitic? Not even using your definition (I'm talking to both "Roland" and the fearless "anonymous" here - you mean "Judeophobic" - I have already pointed out that most semites are Arabs. Even wikipedia gets that rigt)

Kronberg clearly had an issue with her former employee. That was obvious. And she was the star witness?

According to the speakers, German police have fabricated evidence. So let's see what happens when an official complaint is brought, shall we? That is a very serious accusation.

Oh wait, that's not going to happen.

Because it was a room full of conspiracy theorists.

Do you guys think Diana was murdered too? What is it with road accidents that brings out the stupidity in people?

Anyway, glad to see you have a sense of humour, guys.

My next piece is called

"Mother Teresa - was she simply an ugly old cunt?"

Anonymous said...

"Do you guys think Diana was murdered too? What is it with road accidents that brings out the stupidity in people? "

Good question. Jeff Steinberg and the cult were into that for years. They published a book on Fayed's business enemy ,Tiny Rowland as an EIR SPecial Report. Steinberg spent a lot of time in interviews and in tabloids about the Lady DI death. The cult got brushed aside as there were far better conspiracy theorists to take his money over the years.

Ask your local Larouche cultists to give you the copy of their "Dope Inc" book with the Protocols of the Elders of Zion in it.

Anonymous said...

Alan, my information is that a video of the forum will be available soon online- so be careful about what you re saying because ppl will be able to check you out.

Alan Osler said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Alan Osler said...

"Jeff Steinberg and the cult were into that for years. They published a book on Fayed's business enemy ,Tiny Rowland as an EIR SPecial Report. Steinberg spent a lot of time in interviews and in tabloids about the Lady DI death."

Indeed - my point is to highlight the hypocricy of the anit Larouche group.

My only question is this - are you accusing the German police of fabricating/lying about evidence?

Please answer with a "yes" or a "no".

I haven't seen the Dope Inc book with the Elders stuff in it - so thanks, anonymous. Who are you? Is that you, Matthew?

To the 2nd "anonymous" - please use a name, even if it is a fake one. Anyway...

"Alan, my information is that a video of the forum will be available soon online- so be careful about what you re saying because ppl will be able to check you out."

Are you implying that I have made my report up? Really? Well, let's see what "norms" think about this. you know, the 99% of people who do not belive if fairy tales.

I have already had complaints from both sides of this thing. None have merit. Someone told me that I should make I formal complaint about Hughes wasting his time (I'm not going to as I like Hughes and think his heart is in the right place).

Alan Osler said...

by the way, that "comment deleted" was mine, I made a few mistakes and corrected it.

Stupid blogger doesn't let you edit it. As some people know, I have a "non deletion" policy here -seeing as I rant about freedom of speech, it would be hypocritical to delete stuff.

Heinz-Harold Felcher said...

Wonderful article Alan. I look forward to reading more of your keen observations. You're like the love child of Eddie Izzard and Jerry Seinfeld.

Matthew Feldman said...

Dear Alan,

I have not posted here previously, no. And I will not do so again, as I do not at all recognise your summary of the Berlin Forum; frankly, I think your report is in poor taste. People who, by their own account that day, had lost nearly everything by association with the LaRouche movement and have suffered greatly as a result are held up by you as objects of ridicule. This strikes me as a shameful subject for light-hearted reportage, as I told you personally at the break between sessions.
Since I now doubt there is any point in debating the merits of a case you appear to have already decided upon, I shall only make one further comment about conspiracies - a basic point, really.

LaRouche and his ilk operate a 'grand narrative' conspiricism, purporting to explain the evils in the world through the machinations of a group of puppetmasters pulling strings internationally. As Chip Berlet and I showed at length at the Berlin conference, this is tied to anti-British and Judeophobic prejudices, and is sweeping in its explanations of the putative single 'essence' behind complex global events.
On the other hand, everyone at the Forum on the 17th - from what I heard there, at least - believes that a focussed investigation into a specific set of events surrounding a mysterious death (Jeremiah Duggan) is worth re-opening. Quite different from conspiricism already. And yes, Simon Hughes and 98 other British MPs have signed an Early Day Motion to this effect, as Hughes himself stated at the conference, while two German MdBs and and two German barristers were also on the panel. While I and others present had strong knowledge of the case itself, from March 2003 to the present, none of us are investigators or state prosecutors. It is simply not within our purview to make any claims about German authorities 'fabricating' evidence or otherwise. This is for relevant experts to adjudge. However, I will say that highly suspicious circumstances around Mr Duggan's tragic death in the hours after leaving the Schiller Institute in Weisbaden cast doubt on the quick verdict of suicide reached in late March 2003. As such, we have collectively called for an investigation into the death of Jeremiah Duggan as well as the wider operations of the Schiller Institute and LaRouche movement in Europe. Again, I fail to see the conspiratorial nature in this position.
My own role was to discuss Lyndon LaRouche and his international movement in terms of mutations in the ideology of fascism after 1945. Based on nearly 10 years of research on this subject, I concluded that the LaRouche movement does possess a heuristically recognisable fascist ideology that contains anti-Semitic elements, with a revolutionary agenda which is intrinsically totalitarian and anti-democratic. My texts on LaRouche were available at the conference, and will be posted on the web shortly. Additionally, these will be joined by an extended interview with victims and ex-members, conducted after the conclusion of the Berlin Forum. From all of these, I would further conclude that LaRouche is, at the very least, not a laughing matter.
In terms of fascism, I conclude only with the following observation: a leaked, recent 'Morning Briefing' finds LaRouche stating that ‘I’m a free spirit! I say what I think needs to be said. I don’t worry about who hears it. The more the merrier! I consider myself accountable for whatever I say. I’m pleased to be accountable for what I say. Not ashamed of anything.’ ( showthread.php?t=11710&page=61) If this is indeed the case, LaRouche must then stand by the following statement from 'Solving the Machiavellian Problem Today' (quoted in the frontispiece of Dennis King's biography, Lyndon LaRouche and the New American Fascism): ‘It is not necessary to wear a brown shirt to be a fascist... It is not necessary to wear a swastika to be a fascist ... It is not necessary to call oneself a fascist to be one, it is simply necessary to be one.’ This would seem to rather end the debate there.

Sincerely Yours,
Matthew Feldman

Anonymous said...

Alan said: "Indeed - my point is to highlight the hypocricy of the anit Larouche group."

you remind me larouche- who typically equals victims and offenders (eg: "Nazis = Jews", "fascists = antifascists/ socialdemocrats/ environmentalists", "cult = anticults", etc, etc...)
So for you larouche's victims are no better than larouche, right?
Very cynical. I feel very sorry for you.

David said...

This was hilarious, because that conference was boring and stupid. From general discussion afterward, it seemed like it hurt the Duggan/Anti-LaRouche cause more than anything.

I must say, I think LaRouche is brilliant, even though I disagree with some things in terms of history -- he's certainly right about the British angle.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

As you haven't read the Dope inc book (1978) with a defense of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, here is a link to the relevant pages (pp31 onwards)
The book is still available online at their website So is this Campaigner "Zionism is not Judaism" where lyn wrote: "The impassioned sophistry which the Zionist demagogue offers to all foolish enough to be impressed with such hoaxes as the "holocaust" thesis: [...] in memory of the "six million."
This is worse than sophistry. It is a lie. True, about a million and a half Jews did die as a result of the Nazi policy of labor-intensive "appropriate technology" for the employment of "inferior races," a small fraction of the tens of millions of others, especially Slavs, who were murdered in the same way that Jewish refugee Felix Rohatyn and others of his ilk propose to revive today. " Or this about Judaism: "We cite the case of that influential hoax known as the Jewish religion..." (from "secrets known to the inner elites" Etc etc.
Now, as it was explained at the conference, lyn for legal reasons doesn't use the word "Jew" or "Zionist" much anymore, he replaced it with the obscure term "Synarchist".
If you had read the board panels at the conference you would know.

Alan Osler said...

Dr Feldman - thanks for your interesting comments. You even use the right words once...

"this is tied to anti-British and Judeophobic prejudices"

..this is true, and perhaps tied to LaRouche's own religious beliefs. Have you seen how much he has written in defence of the Catholic Church? It beggars belief.

To anonymous...

"I can't tell if you are sympathetic to LaRouche or if you are just a jerk with a bad sense of humor?"

Neither, actually. I think that if you are going to start banning political groups, however odd, you have to have a very good reason.

David -
"I must say, I think LaRouche is brilliant, even though I disagree with some things in terms of history -- he's certainly right about the British angle."

No he isn't! His "British angle" is absurd. He just calls people "british agents" without offering any proof.

Also, there was a hit piece about George Soros which had so many factual errors, I can't believe they printed it. However, the "Is the devil in your laptop" is the worst thing they have done in recent years - "ban computer games" indeed. Fucking twits!

He was/is great on the economic crash - I reread one of his things last year about the financial crash happening right now, and he was spot on in nearly every area.

Alan Osler said...

to anonymous who gave the Dope Inc link...

Thanks for this - why on earth did they print that old hoax? What next, the report from Iron Mountain?

None of the stuff I have seen (most post 1985) mentions the protocols. They appear to have stopped this particular bit of foolishness, so it is not really much of a case against him today.

Ergo said...

I am just loving this debate. I don't know who Lyndon Larouche is. I don't understand his connection with anti-semitism or judaiophobia (which appears to be islamophobia seing as arabic is most widely spoken semitic language). So I have lot in common with the panel, as I'm starting this post from a position of acknowledged ignorance.
The fact remains that Osler is fucking funny. Very fucking funny. And just to add insult to injury, or possibly ignorance to indifference, suicide is a personal choice and is totally distinct from murder. The cause of suicide is despair, despair is surrender to hopelessness - not a direct product of hopelessness. It can be encouraged, but not enforced. Of itself it cannot prove anything other than the victim (and perpetrator) was WEAK.

David said...

Alan - I think what LaRouche means by British Agent, and people who know a bit about European History / Globalization know this, is the British style of the Opium wars and so forth, where Britain basically controls world trade.

I thought, and I could be wrong, but it seems that when LaRouche calls someone like George Soros a British agent, is that they ideologically support world-trade and globalization, not necessarily that they get paid by MI-6.

Like you said, he's been spot-on with the economics, and I think that's because of the way he views history. I don't agree at all with the video-games thing, but I can sympathize with it.

David said...

Also -

I saw the Soros piece and thought it was pretty good, where did it go wrong?

Alan Osler said...


good stuff, thanks for the insight.

anyway, I can't find the Soros piece right now, but here's an example.

They (Steinberg, in this case I think) accused him of being partly responsible for the death of German Jews during WW2, and tried to link him to victims who were made into "human soap" and "lampshades".

Well, according to the Jewish Virtual Library, the soap and lamp stories were hoaxes.

I actually learnt that at school.

How could Steinberg use such an old hoax as evidence that Soros was a "Nazi"?

There was other stuff too, but that was the most obvious error.

David said...

Ah, I see. The soap thing is a little ridiculous.

Truth vs Human excrement said...

Feldman, you are a sophist. I read your argument and it had about as much chance of being truthful as a pile of human excrement winning a beauty competition, unless of course the beauty contest was judged by Chip Berlet. I'm sure Berlet would see the resemblence to his journalistic work and give this shit pile the award of first place.

Josephi Blomberg said...

Mr Feldman,
I just had a look at the Dope Inc. Book. Please point out to me the exact page numbers of where I am supposed to look. I read about the zionists. British cunts, nothing to do with Judaism. So, tell me, do you understand the difference between Jews and Zionists? Muslims and Islamic fundamentalists? These sickophants took peaceful religions and made anti-human cults out of them. Also, I just looked up the word "synarchy". Please justify your claim concerning the word, otherwise I will think you are nothing more than a hick. This word was used commonly during the 1940's to describe the fascist threat towards civilisation. I could take many a brilliant piece of literature and call many words obscure, merely on the grounds that the british are rather uneducated and somewhat pagan in their beliefs concerning the world as a whole.
Please address this.
We can also create a discussion forum if you are tempted to prove that you are the superior brain, and not a mere spouter of silly conspiracy theories regarding the english language.

Anonymous said...

Dear Alan,

for sure it is your right to amuse yourself. I recognize that you
were physically present at the conference. You describe yourself
as an about 30 and a musician, that could be read as - responsible
for nothing. Your detailed description of the panelists as ugly,
orange haired, with beret and so on reminds me of a puberting
I regret also, that Britney Spears had onother date.
The person you call Hans, has a surname - Stroebele - in Germany a
well known politician. Maybe an itellectual lack. Have you ever
heard that the environmentalists(greens)- are denounced as
ecological-fascists and therefore targets of LaRouche? Obviously not.

But the mere facts are:

1. Jeremiah Duggan died (perhaps) on a road near Wiesbaden(Germany).
The police took it as a suicide and closed the case.

But men are interested in reasons. The parents asked the questions,
because the mother was called by her son one hour before his dead
with the words "I'm in deep trouble" and then the line was cut.

Jeremiah didn't come from a party, but from a LaRouche cadre school.
The parent's aim is to reopen the case, their opportunities to research
are of course limited.
In their opinion the police did a lot of mistakes, no proper post-mortem,
the clothing disappeared, no protocols of involved persons ...
The cult- members told lies about the personality of Jeremiah, which were
accepted by the authorities, and so on.

The question was, what do the LaRouche- organisation with young recruits ?
Is there any method of brainwashing ?

2. LaRouche managed to assemble about 1000 young persons worldwide, mostly
ex-students (about 80 in Germany). They are kept in cheap flats in
several cities. They only have to follow to LaRouche orders - reacting like
robots without own will. The master and his voice. Never heard about that ?

Could it be a threat to a society, to allow a state within a state?

By the way, your enquiries about the cost of the organizing of the conference.
Can you imagine, that private people, who are interested in something like to
hold a meeting like this, will spent a small amount of money to realize it?

You have yet to learn a lot to be a journalist.

Best Regards

Alan Osler said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Alan Osler said...

"The person you call Hans, has a surname - Stroebele - in Germany a
well known politician."

Really? I didn't know that, which is why I wrote his surname twice in my report.

So you didn't actually read what I wrote?

And "brainwashing" is a matter of perspective - the public were brainwashed into thinking Iraq had WMDs, and half a million people are now dead as a result. The Downing Street Memo is proof that Blair lied to the public.

Anyway, interesting comments. Is that really what "synachism" means?

Are there really only 20 LYM outside Germany?

Alan Osler said...

I was asked to delete the email from one of the comments here, so here it is again, with email removed...


I am a former LYM member, and have been very eagerly awaiting this conference. I have experienced the horrors of this movement firsthand and I aplaude all those involved in this conference. This is the first account of it I could find so I had to read it.

I have a question for you Alan...

I can't tell if you are sympathetic to LaRouche or if you are just a jerk with a bad sense of humor?

Could you email me please, because I don't want to come back to this poorly written blog.


If you don't that is okay, it is really just a knee-jerk interest that will pass.

Josephi Blomberg said...

Wasn't Ströbele a lawyer for the Red Army Faction? Didn't he proudly defend terrorists and murderers? I wonder if he is merely misguided or intentionally became a green. It was the greens that demanded Germany support the iraq war & also implement Hartz 4, a murderous method of saving money. Do you think Ströbele enjoys seeing people die?

Alan Osler said...

if I'd known at the time that Stroebele was pro Iraq war, I'd have been a lot less kind to the ill informed little cunt.

Pro war Germans? Never! What a disgrace.

jdav007 said...

What have you gotten yourself into this time???

Dennis Israel said...

Dope Inc is a brilliant book. I have almost finished it. These people are geniuses. I also just found the main site, and was very impressed. Clearly, for anyone with a brain, these slanderers are nothing more than that.
I was also wondering, is Chip Berlet a british agent? Who pays his salary? There can't be many people willing to take this guy seriously.

Anonymous said...

I read that "defense" of the protocols of zion that you linked, and I think you should read it again, it's not much of a defense. Earlier anti-larouche people told me the organization published the protocols in Dope Inc. Obviously an extreme falsification.

Anonymous said...

Dear Alan,

"Are there really only 20 LYM outside Germany?"

1000 minus 80 equals ???

So you didn't read my text.


Final Chapter said...

I agree with anonymous. The so-called authorities on the LaRouche movement make up so many fabrications, it is my impression that they don't know what is true and what they made up when reading their own writings.

Alan Osler said...

"Dear Alan,

"Are there really only 20 LYM outside Germany?"

1000 minus 80 equals ???

So you didn't read my text.


what the fuck are you going on about? I don't even know who you are. I googled "anonymous" and found that you have made some of the wildest accusations on the entire Internet.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous is a most confused individual. According to wikipedia Anonymous is androgenous, has no particular stance on anything and a couple of times left messages on Alan's page. Anonymous believes in the right to say what you want, but also believes in censorship of those who disagree with him/her. Anonymous might be your neighbour, your partner, your parent or your child. Be careful of Anonymous. Anonymous displays a certain cowardice in that the essence of this person's being is secrecy.

Anonymous said...

Dear Alan,

you posted:

"And brainwashing is a matter of perspective - the public were brainwashed into thinking Iraq

had WMDs, and half a million people are now dead as a result. The Downing Street Memo is proof

that Blair lied to the public."

I really really racked my brains, what you wanted to tell me and the with this

argument. It has nothing to do with the conference.

But nevertheless:

As you may remember, there were millions of people in the streets protesting against the Iraq

war worldwide as it was launched. Will you count them as to be "Mister LaRouche" followers ?
Unfortunately the movement was too weak top stop the war.

I want to make clear, that there is a mass of people who do think of their own. That's a pure

contradiction to the LYM- principles which is based on to obey orders.

My personal advice is: Don't put your nose and your eyes too deeply into the EIR- booklets.

Greetings, o.k. you can call me 'John'.

Anonymous said...

Apropos codewords. "Hedgefund locust" and "mega speculator" are really codewords for pink elephants. LaRouche is really against pink elephants, the biggest pink elephant being the collapse of the world financial system, correctly foreseen by LaRouche, not by Berlet, Feldboy and their like. What have you been smokin' lately?

Horace said...

John, it would be helpful if you used the name john on your posts, so that you might be identified. And just so you know, you sound like someone who fell by the wayside. Were you a LYM member? Or did they disagree with you on something? Was it perhaps that they claimed that sex with animals is not productive for the human race as a whole? Is this perhaps your beef with the LYM?
Btw, John, might you show evidence for your claim? Or is this accusation a fabrication of an infantile mind?
John, you may call me Horace

James said...

I now thought I would comment on your fine new debate, my good friend. After some sober reflection on the subject in question, I thought I would merely add that for those who want some excellent articles on the british empire, just check out the Oakland LYM's website and you will find a whole host of stuff on the british empire. That's all from me. Don't waste too much time with these loonies, Alan. But if you do, remember that irony is the enemy of empire.

Alan Osler said...

All these comments are appearing in the next edition of my book by the way.

I'm thing about doing a couple of bottles of wine this evening and writing another load about this.

For example, most corporations do "ego stripping" training sessions. I've been on a few myself, during my 10 years working at various media companies. People were encouraged to reveal personal stories, which were then used as piss-take material (by me).

My defining memory of these events was being woken up at 5am by legendary drunk Alan Walker, who was stabbing my Hotel room door with a bowie knife, screaming "one of us, one of us"

Alan Osler said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Alan Osler said...

Ralph Nader, as usual, gets it right - perceived "anti-semitism"

Anonymous said...

Dear Alan,

you posted:

"what the fuck are you going on about? I don't even know who you are. I googled 'anonymous' and found that you have made some of the wildest accusations on the entire Internet."

Well i must confess, it wasn't me. It was my brother-in-law who did the wildest accusations
on the entire Internet. I frequently tried to stop him but he carried on.

Maybe you used the wrong keywords, google for 'John' and 'CCC = Chaos Computer Club'.

What about your consumption of red wine. Could be seen as drugs. Did mister L.R. allow that? But be sure I won't screw you.

One word relating to the other fine co-posters, which I regard as your 'friends'. It's really better to have them in front of their computers and their hands next to the keyboard than to threaten old ladies in the dark!

Yours Sincerely, John

PS: I wish you warm embraces with Helga and L.R.

Alan Osler said...


You're really from the CCC? Well, that's pretty good, actually.

do you have an opinion about Gary McKinnon?

And alcohol is not a drug. It's a drink. Actually, LaRoche's ideas about the "drug war" are right out of the 1930s. He knows about as much about drugs as he does computer games.

Alan Osler said...

for people who don't know who the CCC is...

"CCC publishes fingerprints of Wolfgang Schäuble, the German Home Secretary"

Heroic stuff.

Smedley Butler said...

I bet they are real patriots, real revolutionaries. I think I saw them complain at a 911 event once. It was an amazing whine. Everybody agreed afterwards, all rather depressed by what was said.
Fuck the system.
Rage against the machine.
Another meaningless phrase.
I live with my mother.

Alan Osler said...

it is odd.

While I'm just an armchair anarchist, the CCC are the real deal. It makes absolutely no sense for them to take the Government's veiw on this one.

Germany is already a problem for the rest of Europe because of the sheer number of political prisoners here. Banning political groups makes them look worse. This is my interest in this case.

A few times I've slagged off some "backward" country only to have Germany's continued Nazi behaviour pointed out.

LaRouche is certainly "anti British", but that is not against any law, so this "codeword" shit is fabricated. "British = Jews" of course. Even though he prints pictures of the Queen to make his point clear.

And what's this "911" event you speak of?

Alan Osler said...

"Chaos Computer Club offers help to victims of censorship in China"

Why would the CCC oppose censorship in China but support it in Germany?

Alexander Helphand said...

Hi Alan, I found something wierd and wonderful on the internet. I thought you had better check it out. It might explain all these wierdos on this page. I believe I found their mother-site.

Non anonymous types, not ---> said...

Hilarious, what Honesty! This is the essence of good reporting. Those Cunts were so pissed at you because you did such a good job blasting their miserable little festival.

I bet Chip is gonna install "British=Anti-Semite" on Wikipedia soon. He might Use his sock puppet "Crotch_Ball" to do it, keep your eyes peeled.

Truly the "frown marks" were insightful. That got me going. Hairs were raised on my neck. Sounds like Molly needs to hammer some nails in the jowls! :D

OH! and the most insightful thing you pointed out was the "Corporate Ego Stripping" methods. This is TOTALLY common.

Those of you who have had real jobs understand what this is. Ivy league pricks who wave plastic credit cards and wear 7 piece suits, don't like just anyone coming in to work for them. STATUS.

Usually, I find, that certain people just go along with it, because they get the Bettelheim Syndrome (Germans help me out here).

If your description is correct, it sounds as if the people attending the conference had nothing else better to do with their lives (minus the Duggans of course, god bless them). It also sounds like you pissed a lot of them off. Good Job!

SLOW is right, on that Molly character, JEEZ! GET A LIFE! Maybe you'll lose the Jowls before you die. Die pretty and happy. Maybe it's too late. I mean, it sucks that her Husband committed suicide.

I wonder why she didn't catch on? Maybe she was too into herself? Maybe she (like an alcoholic) blames everyone else she can find. Seems like the thing to do? Emotional indeed, where is the proof?

It seems that if they wanted to knock Larouch out of the ballpark, they had the chance then, and they miserably failed.

To me, it looks as if LaRouche has ideas, people don't like his ideas (if they didn't they would just leave his org, right? Freedom people? Free world, you speak English right?) why not attack him?

What did he do to make you so mad??.... OH YEAH!? there IS a financial crisis! Ho HO! There goes fantasy life! Time to get real!

Hey, at least the coffee was good, right? Cheers!

Alan Osler said...

thanks for these comments

Here's a thought on why so many of there people in that room didn't know what "antisemitism" means...

No Arabs! No muslims either. There were about 100 people in the room, 2 or 3 were black and the rest had white skin. The white ones were the ones complaining about "racism".

For example - try and use the word "antisemitic" at a forum like (an anti war site), which has large number or Arab members, and you will be shot down within minutes.

Have these peole got no arab friends? Probably not actually. The cries of racism are actually a psychological phenomenon known as "displacement" (I have a degree in Psychology).

The worst thing about this little shitfest was that the Duggans's grief was hijacked. Wasn't it supposed to be about reopening the investigation? But no one wanted to say "The police fabricated the evidence", so were were left with 2hours of pure, undiluted bullshit.

A Googler, who giggled at a gobbling goliath said...

Did you know that in a psychological study of users of Andrex toilet paper, despite attempts at racial profiling, there was a 100% correlation between people taking a shit and then wiping their arses. I wonder what Chip Berlet would say to this. Is he so fat now that he needs a reach-around stick? Chip, maybe we will soon just call you "pies" instead.

Brian said...

Dear Allan,

I read your report with the utmost amusement- what am I saying, it was bloody good British humour in action - good onya mate!
While reading your account I was reminded of the People's Front of Judea. Or was it the Judean People's Front? Blast!
Your journalism takes any newspaper scribbler's work to the cleaners! And probably more truth in it than a published transcript!

Man of the Commonwealth

p.s. I almost fell of my chair when I found Anthony Worrell Thompson's website.

p.p.s. and if my name's URL wasn't good enough, here're some more for good measure:

Ha said...

The video is now up on Youtube. It sounds like Dr. Feldboy needs public speaking lessons. He not only looks like a school boy, but has no comprehension of how to present even the most simple of arguments. Well done, Feldboy.

Trevor McDonald II said...

I like the way they argue, claiming that the LaRouche group uses the fact that it has Jewish members as a reason for not being anti-semitic. They also have at least one arab. But where was the evidence displayed that LaRouche is anti-semitic. Oh wait, I must have missed that. I am of the opinion that stupidity and ignorance are neither virtuous, nor useful, but are especially dangerous when you put several malicious & ignorant people together on a panel. Yves Messer should do more conferences. The way he called LaRouche a bastard almost moved me to tears. It was beautiful. I never thought someone of such calibre could be so poetic. Vive la France.

Sir Adam of Smithtown said...

I fully agree. Yves Messer was truly Shakespearean. His untiring, seemingly never-ending rant might have moved the whole room to tears given enough time, but the world is not yet ripe for such a fine man. Maybe soon the jacobin mob will call for a leader and then this man will have his finest hour. He can say the word Bastard in any way he might, the crowd will roar, the birds will sing or get very scared and fly off. This will be the moment for one man to show the world that the word 'Bastard' was created especially so that at one single moment in time a man, a Frenchman of the finest calibre, a man of fine stature and chiselled looks, a man who is not driven back by the smell of rotting cheeses, a man who has even been outside his native france, may stand before a crowd of undefined number and some random passers-by and, if god wills it, call another man a bastard without worry that the other man might even care. Yves Messer, here is to you and other great men of history, such as Bob the window cleaner. We salute you. We salute your country. We salute the earth itself.

Your biggest fan,
Mr A. Smith III

Erkan Uludag said...

Excuse me, but do you sell penis pumps, Mr Alan? I pay you good price for discreet delivery. Thank you very much.

Jesus Army said...

Jesus loves you.
God loves you.
But who are you?
Is it true you sell penis pumps?
God forgives you.
Jesus forgives you.
I forgive you.

May you go in peace and find Jehovah awaiting you.

Assy Mcgee said...

It was announced today that Joseph the trans-species chimpmunk will no longer be performing ludicrous stunts on a motorcycle, while singing the German national anthem, because he could not be insured for problems ensuing from singing such a boring song. Please help Joseph. Joseph only does this to help his mentally retarded half-horse, other half horse, friend, who never learned to talk. He just neighs all day and occasionally stomps his feet in the fashion of an ancient freemasonic tribal ritual called "The stamp". Don't forget people like Brian and John. With your help they might meet women and decide to donate a kidney to some poor chinese restaurant. Give now. Buy Alan's book.

I am the champion said...

The conspiracy of numbers is my latest work. It is a study of how some sick, authoritarian forced the current system of numbers upon us. Why shoud 3 come after 2, or there even be a 743? I want a base 957 counting system, not base 10. I bet your page numbers conform. Did I mention that I am chess champion. Ha, well, I am, so HA.

Reginald Peabody said...

957 Man. Oh Yeah.

Mr R. Peabody said...

I'm so deep. Man, I wish you had my brain power. Mother says I will be a genius one day.

pat said...

I find your description very funny and objective. I don't agree with everything you said, but I applaud your honesty and humor.

Hermit said...

Oh my god, I just realised, Shakespeare is a conspiracy theorist of the worst kind. I must tell everyone this. They will be very disappointed. Imagine what will happen once this gets out. Maybe they will have to bring into question anyone who said that history involved people.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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In the style marketplace, there are artists who embrace magnificent appreciation tastes and make their concepts and operate detected and loved throughout the globe. They continually beautifully juggle concerning trend and functionality. However, in no way have they mandated pattern enthusiasts to split the wallet to take pleasure in their creative imagination. Among that team, designers for Australian sheepskin boots ought to are entitled to value.

It does not matter no matter if you favor blindly following the most up-to-date vogue details to spice up your look or really like to embrace your very own urge for food this time for the reason that designers for authentic sheepskin boots from Australia acquire all of your concerns into account. These footwear set a around the world trend. Most men and women should even now keep in mind the famous chat demonstrate host-Oprah. She acquired even more than 20 pairs when for her colleagues, pals and family members members. Furthermore this eminent lady, there is a truly sizeable quantity of very well-well-known consumers who are generally noticed wearing these footwear in the two formal and informal scenarios. Australian sheepskin boots are craze setters for vogue footwear. To retain your seem rate with the latest footwear facts, you will surely like these shoes.

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Authentic sheepskin boots from Australia demonstrate trend followers basic, but super & common looks, with convenience insured in the meantime. They aid you establish trendy and tasteful design expressions. Also, they are good possibilities to hot your ft even in frigid climate. These shoes are thought of as heart and soul mates by most men and women. Whichever favor you keep for footwear, you should be happy to come across this treasured heritage from Aussie consumers on today' s current market.
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锘縏he wintertime time is just around [url=]ugg boots uk[/url] the corner and now is the time to acquire a new pair of UGG boots. But what is [url=]ugg boots sale[/url] supplied or what is marketing at this existing time. Nicely, down below are 4 of the most effective specials and sizzling sellers for this 2008 season. All element the signature sheepskin outer and inner lining that tends to make UGGS so unique. Check out them out and see what you think.

Ugg Basic Small Women's Boot

This boot retails for $130 bucks.
A person of Ugg Australia's high of the line boots, Ugg Typical Short boots are absolutely sure to offer a timeless model that will get you looks from all people all around you. This boot gives you signature Ugg consolation, warmness and performance. It attributes a molded rubber lugged outsole for traction and slip resistance. Great excellent, authentic sheepskin with high quality fleece absorbs moisture and retains your feet dry and at ease in warm and chilly climates. Excellent colors very! Classics run relatively big, about a entire size if you system to put on them barefoot.

Ugg Typical Tall Women's Boot

This boot retails for all over $160 pounds.
If your [url=]ugg sale[/url] seeking for total consolation for your decreased leg as clearly as your foot then this is the boot for you.
Step into winter with the Traditional Tall Ugg Boot. This boot provides warmness and operation, and a cozy, secure experiencing against bare legs. Attributes a molded rubber lugged outsole for traction and slip resistance. Superior superior, real sheepskin higher with top quality fleece lining absorbs dampness and keeps your ft dry and snug in both equally warm and cold climates. Classics run fairly significant, about a total dimension if you prepare to have on them barefoot.

Ugg Typical Mini Boot

The Timeless Mini retails for $ninety nine.ninety nine at most shops
The vintage mini has all the comfort and ease of the old fashioned Ugg boot with a awesome shorter top! The suede is tender with a linen upper in a informal ankle-height boot model. The stitching and seaming accent and pull on 5 1/4 inch boot shaft. Premium fleece lining absorbs humidity to always keep your ft dry and comfy in hot and cold climates. Cushioned insole, adaptable midsole and molded rubber lugged outsole for traction and slip resistance. Classics operate fairly huge, about a full dimensions if you approach to use them barefoot.

Ugg Cove Boot

The Cove retails for $149.ninety nine pounds.
Prospective buyers of the Cove will enjoy the luscious sense of these Cove informal ankle boots. The feature loaded leather and suede higher in a relaxed anke boot design with a spherical toe. Leather-based lacing approximately shaft for simple on/off, wonderful etched layout at heel, whip-stitched seam throughout midfoot. Luxurious sheepskin lining, clean insole, quite flexible midsole, molded rubber outsole with a ribbed traction sequence that is ideal for use all time. one 1/four inch heel.
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