Monday, 23 July 2007

Airports are dangerous

Here is Germany, you cannot buy proper food. There is no cheddar cheese to speak of, and the only bacon available is terrible, American style streaky bacon that you wouldn´t even feed your children. You cannot get orange squash, Branston pickle or HP sauce.

Knowing Germany, this food is probably against one of their laws.

Anyway, while traveling from the UK to Germany recently, I thought I´d take with me a jar of mustard piccalilli with me.

"Do you have any pastes or fluids with you?" asked the polite chap as I went through check in. I showed him the jar. He said that he would have to confiscate it, because it might be a bomb.

Might be a bomb.

So what did he do? Did he call in the bomb squad? Did he carefully place the jar in a reinforced concrete block?

No. He literally threw it into a huge bin, which had hundreds of other jars of piccalilli in it.

"If you really believe that it could be a bomb, is throwing it around a sensible thing to do?"

I also pointed out that he spent all day standing next to a huge pile of potential bombs. The chap did not seem to understand, and yet he is allowed to carry around a presumably loaded gun.

Something is wrong here.

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Compost Mentis said...

Here in England there is no proper food like suarkraut or real sausages. No-one seems to smell of cabbage and far fewer armed men slouch around with damp patches in their uniform armpits, probably because they don't want to look bad on camera, which here in the UK is all the time. Perhaps that's why Big Brother is so popular? I brought a real German sausage through the airport and it was also confiscated. Apparently it was denying the holocaust. My saurkraut was also confiscated, apparently in the UK saurkraut is regarded as chemical warfare only to be used by grubbily uniformed and smelly armed men.