Saturday, 4 August 2007

What would Jebus do?

Here are some of the maddest quotes of the year.

"Men are breast-crazy breastfeeding her male colleagues should give a woman a sense of safety and security, when sharing an office with men...After breastfeeding them, the woman is allowed to remove her hijab and reveal her hair without feeling embarrassed. I suggest a minimum of five sucks for each male colleague."
Sheikh Ezzat, The Egyptian Gazette 27 May, printed in Private Eye #1190

Or what about this one

"You heard the story about Orientals having a small what-cha-ma-call it. They put something in the makeup that women wore here which leads the children to be born - the males - with small genitalia"
Benjamin Fulford, former Asia-Pacific beauru chief, Forbes magazine, in an interview with Jeff Rense, 11 July.

Polls are open until the end of the month (send emails). I will anounce the winner during some sparkling military parade through the streets of London in September.

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Antimorph said...

Hello! Sorry, nothing to do with your post (although those are possibly the strangest things I've heard all year). You left a comment on my LJ and I couldn't see any other way of getting in touch with you. I haven't commented on your blog before; it seems that someone else shares my bad taste in crappy puns.
I have stuff set up that logs IP addresses, but as I'm about as technically minded as a daffodil all it does is let me see how many different people are reading my journal. I wouldn't know where to send the hitmen.
Kind of confused and bewildered here, but nevermind.