Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Quiz of the century

One of the questions I get asked the most often is thusly...

"Who is the biggest wanker - George Bush or Tony Blair?"

Let´s perform a scientific analysis of the available evidence.

On Google, a search for "Tony Blair is a wanker" gives us 493 results.

"George Bush is a wanker" gives us 722 results. Ergo, Bush is a bigger wanker than Blair.

Right now, there are no matches on the entire internets for "George Bush is a bigger wanker than Tony Blair", so I am pleased to be able to place the first one.

However, using the same technique, you will find that Blair is considered to be a far bigger arse than the monkey faced boy king. Incidentally, Google is wank (6 matches).

1 comment:

Mr Luva Luva said...

This isn't correct, and its statistically provable that in fact George Bush is a much bigger wanker than you think.

Firstly, consider that in the US, relatively few people actually know what the word 'wanker' actually means. So, your survey removes the great American populuation from the debate. If you search Tony Blair/George Bush + jerk, you get roughly 1.5m responses for Bush, and 348k for Blair. Ergo, Bush is 4.3 x a bigger wanker. Or something. Secondly, if you use a term usable both sides of the pond: George Bush + cock gets 1.6m results, whereas Tony Blair + cock gets 472k, which suggests a more general agreement.