Monday, 10 September 2007

Never Look a Sidegift in the Mouth

The anonymous commenter who goes by the name of "Sidegift" (real name Peter Osler) has ruined my plan. I was going to call Berlin Zoo, and borrow some animals in order to stage scientific fights to the death in my back garden (if I had one).

Remember, this is Germany. Odd things happen here. For example, Germans do not even get the chance to vote for their own president (Horst Kohler, former head of the IMF). Instead, they get to vote for a "chancellor", whoever he is.

But to suggest a simple viewing of Animal Face Off to decide the animal victor...well, that is probably one of the biggest mistakes Sidegift has ever made (the other being wetting his bed on his wedding night).

My next update will be solely about music lessons and my book. You know who to blame.


Peter Tatchel said...

Tom Wright is not gay. Signed his mum. And his Dad. And all his mates from Old Compton Street. The wet knees outside the public toilets in broadwick street were the result of an attack by a midget with a water canon. The bonber jacket and the rolled up denims and DM boots reflect his love of the skinhead days of the 80s, not his love of other men. Alan Osler however is gay. His partner is called Michael. When you think 'Alan' you also immediately think 'flounce' and 'mince'. Alan's hero is Laurence Llewellyn Bowen. Ask Alan to explain why the first song he teaches all his students is 'Small Town Boy'. Answer: he is gay.

Anonymous said...

He drinks wine too. Everyone knows that real men drink beer.