Monday, 24 September 2007

Pulling a Lynndie

Most have fond memories of Lynndie England, who tried to cheer up Abu Ghraib detainees by striping them naked.
Wait, that isn´t right.
Anyway, look on the Internets for "pulling a Lynndie", just to see how out of date this "joke" is.
The object being Lynndied is my nearly finished book, which is again at the proof reader. There is a good reason for this. The book was written entirely under the influence of red wine. Every bit of it - so it is sometimes a bit mental (the last chapter is off the scale). This is also why it has taken so long to complete - it is difficult to drink red wine all day, every day, although I did try.


Anonymous said...

Although your book might be naked, I do not see it covering any genitalia. Maybe your book needs some hands and a penis. Hmmm.

Anonymous said...

Yes, then he will be in competition with Playgirl magazine. His book will suddenly become very popular in Berlin. Berlin is the gay capital of europe. So remember, if you are gay, you can still buy this book, but it currently does not come with some hands and a penis.
Also, send one to Klaus Wowereit, maybe he will stop being such a boring cunt.

Big fat gay man said...

I found a blog with a better picture. Check this out.