Thursday, 10 January 2008

If there's one thing I can't stand, I can't stand up.

My bodyguard, John Davis, has a new webpage.

Here it is.

John, known as "The Thing" by the other three members, is thinking about starting up a child minding service. Haha! Terry McCann - style perhaps. Amusingly, he wanted to know if I "wanted in".

Anyway, check out his webpage, it is quite good.


jdav007 said...

Terry McCann...? Who is that and when are we have New Years drinks?

jdav007 said...

And who are the other 3 members...

Emelda Marcos said...

He asked if you wanted in as you are on the sex offenders register. Yes, I know were only doing research, just like Mandy, but unlike him you can't afford expensive lawyers and you don't have friends in high places. Actually you have a phone tap and your email monitored. By me.

Anonymous said...


Terry McCann is from an old UK TV program, Minder. He goes around beating people up. And "the other three members" of the Fantastic Four! Dummy! By the way, allow anon comments at your site, Micky complained about that. It is an excellent site - much better then my ramblings. Drinks this week? Any day apart from Tuesday or Wednesday.

I'm guessing "emelda marcos" is Tom Wright - a man that I have spent most of my life trying to avoid. He is mental, and very, very dangerous.


jdav007 said...

Will do... By the way, emelda is mental...

Emelda Marcos said...

Of course Emelda Marcos is Tom Wright. Who else would be reading your blog? Apart from the CIA of course.

I am loving the fact that a Google search for your blog actually brings up my comment on it:

'Actually the most amusing thing in the world is Alan Oslers unfinished and unpublished masterpiece'

Those Google algorithms are better than I gave them credit for.

The Metatron said...

In fact, the second and third listings on our site as shown in google are also Tom Wright. This is either because:
a: Tom Wright makes more posts to your site than you do.
b: Google really is very clever.
I prefer the latter of course. Just because you wear glasses and look like a media planner does not make you look clever. It makes you look like Nathan Barley.

Anonymous said...

I asked google to link to your posts. They readily agreed, replying "we were going to do that anyway, loser"

Tom Wright is an anagram of Tight Worm. Alan Osler is not an anagram of Anal Loser.

Shifty said...

A Wanker Lal is an anagram of Alan Walker.

Helon Melons said...

Cloned Toilet is an anagram for Odette Nicoll.
Hemlock Tinned is an anagram for Keith McDonnel
Ranter Lurk is an anagram of Karl Turner.
Antonia Lennon is an anagram of DWAAF.